Jax Kearney has been writing stories to entertain others since 1st grade, when he wrote and bound a book for his mother, "The Owl And the Pussycat". After writing his own comic books in middle school, he wrote, directed and starred in three one act comedies in eighth grade.
      High school was the turning point when he got a chance to attend the prestigious "Center for Creative Youth" at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT to focus on creative writing. Later in high school he was chosen as a cast member for the PBS (CT)  pilot "Off the Wall" where he acted and wrote a number sketches for the show.

     After a stint in the US Coast Guard, Jax went on to work as a standup comedian writing and performing his own material coast to coast.

     After tiring of the road life, he started to focus on screenwriting, and after leaving the comedy circuit in 2006, settled in the Atlanta suburb of Acworth to focus on writing full time.

     Since then Jax has won several awards for his scripts, and has been hired to as a script doctor to rewrite several independent features. Now focused on his own material (though still accepting writing and script doctor assignments) for the JAX Company including the webseries, Noir The Series. (www.NoirTheSeries.com)

The JAX Company Film Production Group LLC
Dedicated to quality, character driven films...

About The JAX Company Film Production Group llc

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About Jax Kearney

The JAX Company Film Production company was started by award winning screenwriter, and reluctant director Jax Kearney to showcase his writing and the up and coming talent pool of greater Atlanta, GA.

The JAX Company has made several short films that have been showcased in film festivals around the country, and is currently working on the mysterious webseries, Noir the Series. (www.NoirTheSeries.com)

Dedicated to quality, character driven films...