Whistler's Mother
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Film Production Group LLC

Jax Kearney


The first novel from award winning screenwriter

Dedicated to quality, character driven films...

Coastal Connecticut, Summer 2005

A vicious killer is murdering abusers of women in and around New London, CT, and his capture falls to veteran detective Frank Carmine. Supported by his stalwart partner Dave Hansen, and motivated by the clever and beautiful coroner, Carrie McKenna, he must track down a murderer who is targeting wife beaters, rapists and other less than honorable men. Despite his excellent record, Frank is hiding a few skeletons of his own that could add him to the killers "to do" list. With time dwindling to identify and catch the culprit, he needs to figure out the strange connection between this dangerous criminal and the highly respected gay psychologist who runs the area's battered women's shelter, Jim Whistler, and possibly, his mother.

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